I’m Hot

As it has been throughout most of Minnesota and South Dakota the last two days, it has been steamy here in Minneapolis, and even moreso in our third floor apartment.  With unseasonably hot temps reaching 100 here in May, we may be in for a very long summer.  I’ve been known to be a bit overheated anyway, oftentimes seen with my car AC on in December, so this really is rough for me.  But compared to the snow, I’ll take these 97-degree days every time.

As I said, our apartment is much warmer than it is outside.  I’ve been sitting here watching the Twins game for an hour dripping in sweat with the AC running full blast with the blinds closed.  We may still wind up going to the gym later tonight, but when it’s this warm, walking to a gym to get even warmer sounds miserable.  What will we do come July?

On a completely unrelated note, I’d like to mention a great business I encountered in Eden Prairie today.  It was time to get my oil changed, so over break I went to the BP gas station in Eden Prairie off Anderson Lakes Parkway and Flying Cloud Drive.  I was very tired of going to the Chanhassen Valvoline and being charged over $40 and pressured into upgrading to better oil or having them suggest I get other things repaired.

At this particular BP station, they guarantee an inexpensive, quick ten-minute oil change, and in addition, you get a free car wash, free vacuuming, free wiper blade inspection, and best of all, they don’t pressure you into making any additional purchases!  Only Dick’s Garage of Carpenter, South Dakota can offer that kind of quality service!  So EP BP, I applaud you!

If you haven’t voted yet, I encourage you to go to this webpage, register, and vote for the picture submitted by “Glanzer” because I am in the running for $1000!  The Star-Tribune is holding this Super Baseball Fan photo contest, and I find the whole thing very intriguing.  First of all, it was definitely not well-publicized, so there weren’t many entries.  Somehow, the photo I submitted advanced to the top 25, and now I seriously can’t even find a link on the entire Star-Tribune website that leads to this contest.  Since I have bookmarked the link, I go and vote the limit of once per hour.  I want that $1000, dammit!  I know if you have time to read this blog, you have time to go cast a quick vote, so go help me out!

In some physical fitness news, I made my tennis debut last Friday vs. manager Aaron Pratt over break, and it did not go well.  Having never played, it took the entire time just to figure out how to hit the ball.  On my first swing, I hit it as hard as I could and it went out of our court, over the fence, over the next court, over that fence, and into the grass.  Over-correcting on my next swing, I just stuck the racquet out and the ball just fell flat to the ground.  I never really did get the hang of it.  The entire hour we played, I think Aaron and I maybe hit the ball back and forth three times in succession.

And on Monday night, Lauren and I left the apartment for a late night workout.  Lauren went to the gym, but I parted ways and went to the nearby Lake of the Isles.  It was late and dark and I was alone, so maybe that’s what made me move a little faster, but I ran about 80% of the way around the 2.8 mile lake and met right back up with Lauren forty minutes later.  I haven’t been able to run like that in years.  I tried the same thing a week earlier and had much less success.  Not sure why it worked out this time.

Oh, the Twins suck.


  1. I love the heat, but can escape to our nice, cool home if it becomes too unbearable. I think we still have an AC or two around here if you need one for the bedroom. I have voted a time or two, but will continue as I want you to win the money, too! Keep up on the running, it is great exercise. There is supposed to be a book called “From couch potato to 5K” that tells you how to increase your stamina and get into good enough shape to compete in a marathon. Check it out…stay cool!

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