Three’s Company

It’s Friday night!  The work week just flew by, somehow, and I’m unwinding with some Season 7 of Three’s Company on DVD.  I bought that DVD in 2006 and have yet to watch it… an impulse purchase, but the more I watch, I realize it was a wise purchase.

Three’s Company was making new episodes about the time I was in the womb.  I didn’t even see an episode until the mid-90’s when TBS ran a couple episodes every weekday morning in the summer.  Jordan, Alex, and I got sucked in by Jack Tripper’s physical comedy and the hilarious storylines that repeated each other episode after episode, where someone overhears something and misunderstands, which leads to hilarious consequences.

While I’m sitting here under my Chargers blanket on the couch on my sixth Miller High Life, laughing hysterically, Lauren seems less than impressed!  But she’s being a good sport as we’re on episode #4 of the night.

In other news, the pipes to our kitchen sink are still frozen up.  For some reason, they run along the outside of the house, so when the temp gets low, we have to put a space heater under the kitchen cabinet.  It doesn’t really work, so now we’re doing dishes and cooking using bathroom water.


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