About to Get Colder

So far this week, I’ve heard reports of hundreds of cars every morning rolling, crashing, spinning out, and colliding.  Literally, 200+ accidents have taken place every morning and 200+ more every evening this week, where every day has been sub-zero and we’ve seen several inches of snow.  If it doesn’t look like the roads are icy, there’s a good chance they are.  I found that out this morning, sliding slightly out into an intersection at a red light.  I’m slowly creeping down the road at 35—40mph tops—being passed by most cars.  But I’ve yet to encounter any accidents.

But, leave it to me to run into yet another auto problem!  On the way home from work today, out of nowhere, the blower for the heater and defroster went out.  So we’re sitting there freezing in -25 weather for 40 minutes.  The further I drove, the less space I had to see out the windshield as it slowly frosted inward.  Pretty soon I was cranking my head towards the middle of the car to see.  Of all the inopportune times of the year for that to happen, this was probably the worst.  If I can just make it to work and back tomorrow, Dad and I will meet up somewhere this weekend and exchange cars and I’ll get my Grand Prix back.

Also tomorrow, it’s back to the doctor.  Jason recently described me as a hypochondriac with all my doctor visits.  Since 2005, I’ve gone to the doctor for a tingly arm, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, profuse sweating, shortness of breath, routine physicals, acid reflux, extreme fatigue, and even a really bad canker sore.  That’s not even mentioning dental work.  Some have proven to be real conditions, and other times not so much.  But tomorrow’s appointment is for the latest condition to arouse suspicion—sleep apnea.

Lauren has noticed some irregularities in my sleep, but it wasn’t until my trip to San Francisco where I shared my hotel room with co-worker Josh Kleve that I realized something was wrong.  Several times during the night, Josh would wake me up to make sure I was still alive.  Apparently, I’d go for very long periods of time (two or three minutes) without breathing, then gasp for air, sometimes waking me up.  Other times I’d start choking in my sleep.  I snored often, but it was when I stopped snoring that was the concern, because then I just wasn’t breathing at all.  On top of that is the fact that every single night, I halfway wake up once or twice with both arms completely asleep and have to try getting feeling to come back… every night.  So, we’ll just see if the doctors can’t run some tests and figure out how to fix this.  The odd thing is, I feel like I sleep great normally.  I fall asleep within a minute of lying down, and nothing wakes me up till the alarm in the morning.

Other than that, not a lot to report.  No plans for the weekend other than switching back cars (and sending back our cat).  Lauren and her bridesmaids have lots of plans involving dress shopping, and there is a bridal fair Sunday she, and possibly I, will be attending at the convention center.



  1. I’m no doctor, but I can tell what one problem is…your arms being totally numb at night is something I’ve been living with for years. I have to sleep in certain positions, making sure my arms are draped just so. It is carpal tunnel syndrome and I guess surgery is one cure, but so far I have done nothing. just be glad you can’t get pregnant as it was horrendous then.

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