Player Profiles, 2000
Player Profiles, 2000

Here’s an interesting piece I dug up from the 2000 Willow Lake Boys Basketball team.  On the back of programs during senior year, players on the team were featured with a little write-up.  This one features Dustin Guerdet, Dustin Davies, and me.  

For instance, Dusty G. enjoyed sleeping and playing cards, and oddly, his favorite basketball memory was going to watch the girls’ team play in Custer as opposed to actually playing himself!  

Some of Davies’ hopes and dreams came true—he really did join the Navy, but he certainly never attended a class at DSU!  I found it odd that the author of these articles made a point to include this same statement for both Dusty G and Dusty D: “Dustin, or Dusty as his friends call him for short…”  Does it really need to be explained that Dusty is short for Dustin?  And I’d like to point out that none of Davies’ friends called him Dusty, or even Dustin for that matter.  He was always Davies.

As long as we’re on the subject of Dustins, we actually had four Dustins (Davies, Guerdet, Hovde, and Schmidt) on the team that year between varsity and JV, and oddly, the four of them were involved in a four-man drill in practice.  One of them screwed up, and Mr. Kelley yelled “Dusty!”  All four of them turned and looked at Mr. Kelley, and everyone broke into laughter.

And then there’s my little write-up.  I was very accurate with my college plans.  I really did go to DSU and obtain degrees in Multimedia/Web and Graphic Design.  I figured I’d be living in Arizona at this point, but that turned out to be Brandon Hanson’s future place of residence.  I was even more obsessed with TV sitcoms back then than I am now.  I made a point to reference both Three’s Company and The Wonder Years.