The Archives: Part I

Rocko-Mania program, drawn by me.
Rocko-Mania program, drawn by me.

Thursday morning before going to work, I was digging through boxes of junk in the basement trying to find my racquetball goggles when I ran across a bag of goodies from the K-12 Willow Lake School days that Mom had saved.  I brought it to work with me and throughout the day browsed through some of the newspaper clipping, cards, pictures, and other random stuff.  I thought I’d pick a few pieces of stuff at random and see if I can recall any interesting stories.

Today’s feature is the program to the junior/senior play from 2000, Rocko-Mania.  Yes, obviously I drew the picture for the cover.  This play I believe was based in the fifties and featured some rocker named Rocko.  That’s all I can remember about the premise except John Kannegieter, Corey Tellinghuisen, Brandon Hanson, and I being the members of the band.  I played some dude named Gordy who wore glasses and played guitar.  I believe the four on the front of the program were the four band members, though I can’t remember why there’s a picture of a monster waving a cookie on the bottom right. Probably just me trying to confuse people.  If you are familiar with the four band members, I’m guessing you can pick out at least Corey and John from this drawing.  


It turns out the rest of the cast was all females, including Elizabeth Englert, Tiffany Beutler, Carol Starr, Marianne Cone, Victoria Lusk, Cassie Gehrke, Patti Symens, Kyla Madsen, Kathy Brower, Sara Waldner, Jennifer Lamb, Angela Nelson, and Sarah Gronewold.  Lots of those names have changed, and many I haven’t heard from or seen since about 2000 or 2001, but for a month or two back in 2000, we certainly spent many an hour together, rehearsing that play under the direction of Al Kruse.

Oh, here.  I’m an idiot.  I just opened the program and read the premise: “It’s back to the sixties—poodle skirts, Super 8 movies, 33 1/3 RPM, and of course—ROCK AND ROLL!!!  And, it seems, raising money to take a school trip will never be out of style.  In this case, it’s the girls’ volleyball team trying to get to Sweden to an international tournament.  Remember, just getting there is ALL the fun!!!!!!!!!!!”

Wow, nice use of exclamation points.

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