The Best Man for the Job

Over the last few years, whenever I was hanging out with my close group of friends and we were doing some boozing, we’d inevitably end up yelling to each other “you’re gonna be my best man!” or “I’m saving you a spot as a groomsman!”  Very odd for single men with absolutely no prospects to be talking about that, but we had these conversations dozens of times.  Jason and Colin up in North Dakota last spring were outside at 2am, embracing each other, assuring each other that they would be in each other’s weddings.  And if every person I ever promised a spot in my wedding held me to my promise, I’d have to rent about eight limos to get us all to the reception.
Now that I actually do have the opportunity to choose a wedding party, whenever that date may be, it looks like there would be room for four groomsmen: my brother, Lauren’s brother, and two others.  Chances are very good that those two would be Jason and Chris Ahrendt, but there are still plenty of great usher openings!
I became a little concerned today just how little I’ve used my legs since I got home from DJing Saturday night.  The farthest distance I’ve walked since then was Monday night from our house to Jasmine 26, which is two blocks away.  Tonight I must go for a walk.  No more getting distracted by the Twins!  I sit all day at work, I sit on the couch when I get home, I lay in bed all night, and sit in my car the rest of the time.  I need to take a page out of the success story from Jeff LaPlant and get up and move around during the day.  Patrick told me today that Jeff is down 65 pounds now!
After last night’s dramatic, heart-breaking loss by the Twins at Cleveland, I’ve officially thrown in the towel.  That doesn’t mean I’ll stop paying attention, but it does mean that if the Twins rebound and wind up winning the division, those who held onto hope can rub it in my face.  The task gets no easier.  Tonight, the Twins face Cliff Lee, who has put together a shocking 22-2 record this year for a sub-.500 team.  Put him on a contender and he might be 24-0.  Then it’s off to Tampa Bay for four, home of the majors’ best home team.  Liz Burke will be there to cheer the team on.  I hope she cheers loud, cause they’re gonna need it.


  1. You know…you could be a trendsetter and be the first around to have your mother as your “best person”!! Not that I’m hinting, just a thought!

  2. That night doesn’t count. We were hopped up on Vodka/Redbulls and I just got back from walking around the parking lot looking for your phone. I would say anything. Well maybe it counts a little.

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