Weekend Plans, VF, Vegetable Craziness

The weekend is here, and for the first time in about a month, I have a full weekend off! I am pretty excited, though when Saturday afternoon rolls around and I’m sitting around with nothing to do, I will probably be bored and wishing I was out earning some money. Right after work today, I’m going to check out a couple bike shops and see if I can get a deal on a bike so I can begin my expedition to healthiness. So far, my plan has not really worked too well, though I am not officially starting until I obtain a bike or some other piece of exercise equipment. Tonight it sounds like we’re just chilling at the house, watching some Twins action, with Jason stopping by later on. Tomorrow night there is talk of checking out Matt Hanson’s country band’s concert in Hopkins.

Wednesday night Lauren and I went to Valleyfair after I got off work. It truly does remind me of a second home. It barely felt like it had been three years since I last worked there. Of course the big difference was the personnel. There are literally like six people left that I know, including longtime manager Justin Springer, supervisors AJ Sabako, Matt Heitkamp, and a few others. Aside from reminiscing with my old crew, we hit up most of the park’s biggest rides. Lauren got a little timid once we got on Wild Thing, but was glad I made her do it. We later rode Renegade, the world’s fastest wooden coaster, which is without question my favorite ride in the park. Other rides included Tilter, Scrambler, Steel Venom (for me, anyway) and the Ferris Wheel. And yes, the postcard with my picture riding Steel Venom is still available in all gift shops!

Last night, Lauren and I ventured over to Eagan to visit her friend Manda, whose wedding I am DJing in two weeks. On the way home, we stopped at Casa de Rosok to pick up our weekly co-op vegetables and were overwhelmed with a giant grocery bag full. Lauren most likely is preparing a stew today, made with Glanzer beef and our fresh, healthy, organic vegetables.

Other big events to look forward to include Chris Ahrendt’s much-anticipated visit to Minneapolis next weekend when he and Carol come up for a Twins/Mariners game. And of course next week at work will be rough—Josh and I are double-handedly trying to get the new website up and running by the 14th. We have massive amounts of content yet to add, and oh, by the way, I still need to learn Flash by then. It could be a rare week of late hours.

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