Thunderbolts and Lightning

It’s about 10pm and a fierce storm’s a brewin’. I’m sitting around watching Nick and Lauren play Mario Kart on Wii. If you read last night’s blog entry, you’ll know I have very little interest in getting myself all worked up by playing. It’s so hard! I like easy games that I can easily win. If I wanted something challenging to do, I’d try putting that screen back in the upstairs window I tore out the other day while trying to put the AC in. The AC didn’t fit in that window and I got irate trying to fit the screen back in… never did. But I am happy to report both ACs are installed and running beautifully, cooling us in this sultry 61-degree heat.

Today at work I went to D-Brian’s over break with Josh and got the Minnesota Wild Rice Salad. Mmm-mmm! We had quite the chat. Not only does he work tirelessly at Microboards, but he has four part-time jobs, including his own snow plow business and driving race cars. I don’t know how he does it. Here I am complaining about DJing a few Saturday nights a month, and he has virtually no free time ever whatsoever and enjoys it that way.

I had the chance to go to Houlihan’s after work with co-workers for Happy Hour, but instead went to EP to see the new Lynch pad. Patrick and Mike moved from one apartment to another within a mile of each other. I must say their new place is worth the extra $40 month rent. It had been a while since I’ve hung out with Patrick anyway, so it was nice to go over and chill for an hour and a half. On the way home I took orders and picked up Panera for Lauren and Sarah. The evening was spent watching the Twins end their 6-game losing streak. Thank God the rest of the AL Central is just as bad. The Twins are a woeful 32-34 but are still amazingly in second place.

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