Since returning from New Mexico and getting back into the old routine, it’s been pretty boring around these parts. Our January calendar is basically wide open with almost nothing at all planned on any night. I like having a few of those types of nights a week, but not every single night. Lauren has been bogged down with allergies and in bed earlier than the kids almost every night of January so far, so after those three are down, I’m left to just sit there! I don’t dare watch ahead on shows we’re both watching, but I did plow through George & Tammy in pretty quick order. It’s been a nice slowdown, but I am also angsty to get out and do things.

I guess this weekend I will have my chance, as I plan to go to the Chargers fan club at Rock Rose Saturday night for the playoff game vs the Jaguars, and we’ll go down to the Vikings fan club at The Warehouse Sunday afternoon for their playoff game vs. the Giants. I could see either game going either way, but this year is as good as any to have the two teams meet up in the Super Bowl! It won’t happen. I bet only one team even makes it to the next round.

When we returned from New Mexico, my weight had ballooned to its highest since at least 2009—262.5! What is so shocking about that is just 6 months earlier I weighed only 239. And I didn’t just sit around, I continued to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Well, no matter the reason, I started keto back up here in January. For the third straight time, it has worked quick wonders. Since starting on January 2, I am down to 251.8—a staggering loss of almost 11 pounds in 10 days. I will stick with this until we depart for a weekend trip to Nashville February 2. My target weight is 242, which seems well in reach, though the last two times I’ve done this, the weight is easy to shed initially and harder as it goes on.

About the only other item of any significance is I’ll be getting the shed windows tinted Friday. The sun really blasts in and makes it hard to see computer screens.

Oh, one other thing. After Baxter’s recent stay with the petsitter, it seemed to perk him to life. The sitter had two dogs of her own, and seeing her pictures of frisky Baxter playing tug-o-war and frolicking happily, the family has considered getting a dog to keep him company and lift his sunken spirits. Seriously, Baxter looks like he’s in hell 24/7, slinking around, not eating, barely looking up from his bed. The dog shown above is up for adoption and we got to meet her Sunday. I already said this has to be the rest of the family’s responsibility, primarily. I cannot deal with being another dog’s master, having someone traipse behind me step for step all day, haha. I am happy to help, but the brunt of the responsibilities must go elsewhere. John seems very eager for the challenge.