I’ve kept up my healthy streak lately, having gone to the gym 11 of the first 12 days I’ve had my new Gold’s membership through work. The only day I missed was the 4th of July… but with good reason! Work was off for me, but not Lauren, so I took Johnny to his first ever movie in a theater (but technically third ever since he saw two movies as an infant at special screenings). We drove south to Slaughter Lane to a 10:40am showing of Muppets From Space at the Drafthouse that was a special kid-friendly screening where noise is expected. He ate a crap ton of popcorn, kept getting folded up in the seat, and probably wowed some nearby people by exclaiming obscure character names as they came on screen. Fun for me and Johnny, sad for Mama who missed the fun “first.”

Otherwise it has mostly been work as usual in the sweltering heat! I guess I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the storytelling over the past couple weeks.

A yellow smoke thing. I remember the little colored smoke balls that were like 3 cents. This thing was $2.
Deep in thought as we watch a Thomas the Train movie.
Johnny insisted on posing for the ice cream licking picture this time, not me!
Some 4th of July fun in the pool on a 102-degree day.
Scenes from Johnny’s first real movie in a theater.
Yet another Jardin Corona meetup with friends. Surely our go-to spot.
Johnny has been a hitting machine in the backyard lately. He’ll just go out there on his own and tee up dozens of balls.
And some red.
The “Vikings” firework with its pretty purple smoke.
One excited boy to make a trip to the fireworks stand.
Johnny lost a toy horse in the water but otherwise I think we had fun.
Another kayak outing on Brushy Creek. This time it was a one-seater.