Random funny story for y’all.

I ran across a funny story on the web titled something to the effect of “Drink Alone No More… Now There’s Wine For Your Cats!”. Knowing my friend Bart loves to drink alcohol and has several cats, I thought he’d appreciate the article. I copied the link and sent him a message on IM, saying “Funny story, made me think of you, ha ha!” and shared the link.

Several minutes passed. Finally Bart replied.

“WTF? Why does this remind you of me?”

I was perplexed. Why doesn’t Bart think this is funny? He loves drinking and cats! What’s not to get?!

I clicked on the link I had sent him and it directed me to a lengthy article about a horrific 1979 child murder case in New Jersey. Clearly, I had copied and/or pasted the wrong link.

Here poor Bart was reading this horrible article wondering why the hell this had playfully reminded me of him.

I had quite the laugh.