Today’s interview comes from a great friend who I met 12 years ago at Valleyfair! When we met in 2002, Liz Burke was my supervisor in the Games department. By late 2003, I was her supervisor when she returned for a brief stint as a Game Op. Between various weekend road trips between DSU and Creighton, Liz serving as an usher in our wedding, Carpenter Bashes, Microboards and MDA doing business together, and spring break in 2004 in Las Vegas and in 2005 in Detroit, Liz and I have many fun memories together. Since Lauren and I have relocated to Texas, there are few friends who I’ve missed seeing more. So, let’s see what Elizabeth, her husband Curt, and children Leah, Nick, and Ben are up to these days!

10275436_10100106956675086_8152079235547723177_o1. Hello Elizabeth, how are you today?

EB: Oh man, I’m surviving!

2. How have the first six months of being mother to twins gone?

EB: It’s been a ton of work, but I really love it. I wasn’t very excited to have twins when I was pregnant, and maybe not when they were still squirmy, floppy babies who barely slept, but now I love it. I feel like I won the lottery! These guys are so stinking cute and sweet. I’m overwhelmed by how much I love them and how lucky I am to be a twin mom.

3. Are these two combined easier than Leah as a baby alone?

EB: Absolutely! These boys are physically exhausting, whereas Leah was physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. She almost killed me. These boys are so sweet and happy and are good at sleeping. It makes a huge difference!

4. Please share some of the hilarious nicknames you have for your three kids… and for Curt, if you have one!

EB: I’ve always been really into ridiculous nicknames. I call none of my siblings by their given name and often renamed our family animals. Perhaps that’s why I appreciate Marcy’s animal nicknaming so much. It’s only natural I came up with good names for my own offspring. An important note is that Leah responds to all her nicknames and also uses the boys’ nicknames on a regular basis. Some of my favorites are:
Leah: Bird Face, Bird Head, Pinecone, Nanny Goat
Ben: Doody, Benny Boy
Nick: Little Sir, Nicky Baby

5. What did you end up doing with your night of freedom on Mother’s Day when Curt took over parenting duty for the whole night?

EB: You know, I did a lot of things a mother would find exciting, but those without young kids may find boring. Just doing any of these things without children is so enjoyable. In order: Eyebrow wax, browsing The Container Store, going to open houses with my sister, nap, massage, dinner, crossed the street to buy some snacks at Walgreens, back to my hotel with my sisters to watch half of Forrest Gump before I fell asleep in my quiet hotel bed. It was heaven.

6. Which of your friends do you think has the most exciting day-to-day life?

EB: I bet it’s Dan Jaker. He is always up for a good time, still goes out to do crazy things even on work nights. He has dozens of hilarious friends so I bet things are pretty much always funny in his life.

7. Is there something that happened in the past to you or someone you know that makes you burst out laughing out loud every time you think of it?

EB: Most of those quotes from your website make me burst out laughing! If I was a part of them, just reading them and remembering how hilarious it was makes me laugh. Our whole Vegas trip makes me burst out laughing.

8. Do you think you’ll one day in the future go back to work or are you loving being a stay-at-home mom?

EB: Being a stay at home mom is no joke, but I’m so thankful I’m able to do it. I’m not sure how seriously I’ll go back to work, but I’ll probably go back in some capacity once the kids go to school, even if it’s just working the check-in desk at a gym. I’d love to be a stay at home mom forever, mostly because I think once the kids all go to school it should be ridiculously easy and relaxing. Maybe I’m crazy to say that, and I apologize to any stay at home moms of school age kids if that sounds rude, but I just think it sounds so fun to volunteer at school events, watch them play sports, and actually take a minute to myself again.

9. Do you miss us living in Minneapolis? Do you think we should ever move back?

EB: YES! Move back! Please?! I miss you guys so much! But your timing is good to be away. I’m so busy with children I rarely see friend who live 10 minutes away. So make sure you plan your move home for when I have lots more free time. Maybe two years?

10. One of the main reasons I re-posted my list of top quotes recently is I know how much you enjoy reading them. Which of our friends’ classic quotes is your all-time favorite?

EB: You’re a true friend! I love those quotes. As you know, I’ve been keeping track of quotes since high school. I think my all-time favorite quote actually comes from you!

Travis, while eating a Moons of Mi-Hammie at Denny’s in Vegas: “I’m full”
You, not missing a beat: “Full of sh*t! Finish those fries!”

11. Well thanks for joining us today Liz, any closing remarks?

EB: Screw Celine Dion!