Rosoks Visit, Rain Follows

Last weekend we welcomed more visitors to Austin! For the second straight year over “spring break,” the Rosok family was here to hang out for a few nights. Unlike their last visit, we mostly hung around the house, but we did go to Salt Lick BBQ, Torchy’s, and Moonshine for meals and went for a chilly swim at Barton Springs. Tim and I nestled in for Opening Day of the baseball season Monday, watching the Twins fall to the Tigers.

Me and the Rosoks in the car heading to Salt Lick. Mmm!
Me and the Rosoks in the car heading to Salt Lick. Mmm!

Their trip was perfect timing, because as soon as they left the rains came. All told it was one of the rainiest weeks I’ve seen in Austin. On Tuesday, on my drive home from the office in the pickup, I encountered some very heavy rain. So naturally, the windshield wipers stopped working. For a while I could still see through the windshield, but soon I had to stick my head out the window as the driving rain pelted my face going down the road. I made it home safely, but it was quite the scare.

Today Lauren, Baxter, and I went for a hike at Emma Long Metropolitan Park, and after returning home I did a couple hours of yardwork in preparation for the big Mego baby shower we are hosting tomorrow. I experienced perhaps my worst ever sneezing attack in the process of sucking up some grass and leaves with the leaf blower, sneezing about 20 times in five minutes… must be allergic to something.

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