A week ago today, the family arrived in Austin from South Dakota. We were able to show off our new house to everyone as well as show them around our city. I think it’s safe to say Jordan covered the details pretty well over on her blog, but I’ll give the brief recap here as well.

Sites we visited included downtown, South Congress, the Bob Bullock State History Museum, The Domain shopping center, and Jesse James’ Speed Shop.

Eating out was also a big highlight. Aside from the brisket I grilled, we also ate at Gordough’s for a food trailer breakfast, Jardin Corona for some authentic Tex-Mex, Whole Foods flagship store so everyone could get a taste of Lauren’s career, Shady Grove for some southern cookin’, and Stiles Switch BBQ.

Otherwise we stuck around the house and played some board games that got rather inappropriate at times, to the point where Jason LaPlant himself would have been proud.

We were sure glad to have the fam in town around the holidays to see us! Hopefully we’ll make it back up north soon as well.