Meat Loaf, Running, Baxter Injuries

  • Last Friday Lauren and I went to the Meat Loaf “Mad Mad World” concert at the brand new Moody Theater in downtown Austin. Meat Loaf is now 64 years old, but still puts on a hell of a show! Being in the fourth row center stage was a cool experience. Sorry to whoever had to sit behind me, since I was standing most of the show. 
  • Next week our dear friend Hot Lunch will be in Austin for five days. Poor Lauren has to work on the 4th of July, but I get that day off and took PTO days the next two days, so who knows what shenanigans Mr. Lunch and I will get into. 
  • I achieved a great goal last night in physical fitness by running 1.52 miles non-stop. Given that four years ago I couldn’t run two blocks without stopping, that is quite an achievement for me. A teeny baby deer ran alongside me for a while. 
  • This running is in preparation for November’s Central Texas Warrior Dash. It will be the first ever race I’ve signed up for. A very large number of co-workers are doing this together and it’s being sponsored by the company.
  • Baxter finally recovered from his bout with papilloma, only to then injure himself on his first day back at daycare. No one’s sure how it happened, but the poor pooch tore the pads off his feet. Maybe it was the scalding hot asphalt, or maybe he was so excited to be back that he overexerted himself, but he can barely walk. I have been carrying him around outside and setting him down to pee. Now I think he’s playing me for a fool, walking when he wants, then faking it so he can be held.
  • Our good friends the Barts invited us out to “Water Tankin’ Tuesday” for $1 tacos and karaoke. Much like the previous week, there were only 3-4 singers, meaning I was able to do another dozen songs in front of a scattered crowd.
  • Should have some updates soon on our much-anticipated trip back to the Midwest in August. Hope no one went and etched our arrival date in stone, because that may be changed… also, etching things in stone is really dumb and time-consuming. I just use paper.
  • We finally made it through the fifth season of Desperate Housewives. Oh, that Dave Williams was a sneaky one! 

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