Meat Loaf, Visitor, AC, Pickup

  • Tonight is the Meat Loaf concert at the ACL Live Moody Theater in downtown Austin. We have fourth row tickets, and I plan to take off work early and get downtown early to meet up with Lauren for dinner and drinks beforehand. In tantalizing Meat Loaf news, I learned he and his wife moved to Austin! This is the first time I’ve lived in the same city as one of my favorite celebrities since I shared Minneapolis with many Twins players, and shared Carpenter with fighting phenom Josh Madsen!
  • As I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, I think air conditioning tops my list of greatest inventions outside of things like electricity and the individual components that comprise the air conditioner. Although as Liz Burke pointed out, I did in fact once trick my Art History teacher into believing the flux capacitor was a real invention because, as I explained it to her, without it, time travel wouldn’t be possible.
  • One of my good friends from the 2003-2005 seasons of Valleyfair, Alison Garcia, was in Austin this week on her way to San Antonio and she was thoughtful enough to stop by Callaway and say hi. Alison, her mom, and me went out for coffee and had a nice chat. And, as such, Alison’s photo has been added to my Austin Wall of Fame.
  • You’ll all be happy to know that Baxter’s mouth papilloma warts have been surgically crushed and removed by the vets. In two weeks after his follow-up appointment, he will be permitted to return to doggy daycare. The vets sedated Baxter, who was so groggy when I picked him up that he couldn’t stand, forcing me to carry him home in the 100-degree heat (we live in walking distance of the vet).
  • I was very stressed out when I finally received my pickup back from the shop. It was seven whole days. I did receive an apology, but nothing like any future credit or refund. I’m not really a confrontational person and part of me just wants to let this one go and just not return to that shop, but Lauren is very insistent I call and rip them a new one before it’s too late. I sent them an e-mail complaining, but so far no response.
  • Remember that one stop light near Jordan, MN on Hwy 41 that stays red for over 10 minutes? Does anyone know if it’s still like that? I heard a report that the longest red light in the world is in New Jersey, and I think that one in rural MN is easily the longest. 

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  1. You’d better change your blog…it was Jon Madsen who was the fighting phenom, not Josh. Better give credit to the right guy or he may drive down there and pound your face in. Just sayin….

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