As a former restaurant critic and frequent Yelp reviewer, and as someone with a very good memory, I have been thinking recently that I am yet to stumble upon the perfect hamburger. I have eaten some very good ones and I have some that I consider my favorites, but there isn’t one that I’ve eaten and exclaimed “Wowie, this is everything I could have asked for from ground-up cow meat!”

In fact, I have exclaimed many times that I still have never eaten a burger in a restaurant that was better than one I could make myself. To this day, I maintain the best burger I ever ate was one I made myself back in college–seasoned to perfection and cooked just right. I remember thinking to myself as I ate it how good it was. And that is a feeling that I have not rediscovered since that day.

The closest a restaurant has ever come to perfection is Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis near the University. The Seven Corners Burger is doused with their house BBQ sauce.

Town Hall Brewery - Seven Corners Burger
Town Hall Brewery – Seven Corners Burger

Here’s my list of favorites that I can easily recall:

  1. Town Hall Brewery – Minneapolis, MN
  2. Blue Door Pub – St. Paul, MN
  3. Green Mill – Minneapolis, MN
  4. The Hideout – Austin, TX
  5. Hopdoddy – Austin, TX
  6. Matt’s – Minneapolis, MN

But why would I like a burger from a restaurant better than one that I made myself that I know came directly from the Glanzer family farm! Along with proximity to a trusted mechanic, that’s another thing we miss about being in Texas–no more stocking up on a freezer full of beef from the Glanzers! Maybe they can ship some to us on dry ice.