Brief Thursday Jottings

• My Top 20 “revisited” lists got quite a reception. Thank you to the handful of people who pointed out that I incorrectly dropped The Office – US eight places instead of four. I’m glad you all are paying such close attention!

• Apologies to both co-host Walsh and the fans who voiced their displeasure with the abrupt cancellation of what would have been our seventh episode of the Shed Party Show on Monday night. Something unforeseen came up. There will be a show of some sort this week even though I’ll be in Las Vegas.

• Speaking of which, I will be flying out Monday morning for the NAB Show in Vegas. If anyone will be in town for the show or some other reason, hit me up. I’ll be staying at Harrah’s under the name Slappy White. Bonus points for anyone who gets that reference and can explain it in the comments!

• Lauren and I have now watched the first 84 episode of The Sopranos and have just two remaining. I think tonight is the night we finish them off. Lauren talked about making a big Italian dinner in honor of our last two episodes!

• Apparently I’m one of the few excited to go on the official Metrodome damage tour. For $4 you get to go inside and assess the roof damage, and you get a souvenir square foot of the roof on your way out!  To me that sounds ridiculously interesting. The response of most others I’ve told? “Meh.”

• Tomorrow is a half-day as Lauren and I take in the Twins’ home opener vs. Oakland. I know quite a few other people going as well. The worst record the Twins can possibly have coming into the game is 2-4, thanks to their improbable comeback with vs. the Yankees Tuesday and yesterday’s rainout. Much better than the 1-6 record many of us expected.

• My latest freelance website project is nearing completion. Travis’s band Tree Party hired me to design and build their new website. With the band making it pretty big these days musically and in theater, their website will hopefully be a good place to showcase their music, acting, and even woodworking skills. Check out the woodburning of the social media icons on the tree stump they did!

• I DJ’d three wedding dances last week, earning a handsome paycheck which all went directly to the NY/Boston travel fund. I think we have adequate moneys saved up for eight days worth of sightseeing, eating, drinking, baseball, transportation, etc. We are still 27 long days from departure.

• I can’t remember if I said this already or not, but I must say that I’ve found a hip-hop music artist whose music I not only tolerate, but enjoy. If you ask me, that Cee-Lo Green has some talent. That new song “It’s Okay” has me singing along.

• Speaking of singers, good luck to old schoolmate and neighbor Derek O. who tells me he’s seriously considering pursuing a career as a recording artist. From what I hear, he has the sweet soulful, southern voice of Darius Rucker. Who knew?

• Softball in less than three weeks! Who wants to hit up some batting cages this weekend?

• I’m stealing this link from Nick Sandbun, but if you haven’t yet seen this clip from the Jimmy Fallon show featuring Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Hicks, Roots Crew, and more performing “Friday,” do yourself a favor, drop everything, and watch it now!

One comment

  1. Well, I can’t say that I actually “get” the Slappy White thing, but I did find out that he was (or is) a black comic. I don’t think you’ll fool anyone when they see you. Also, I would like to do the dome damage tour, too.

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