Podcast, Fried Eggs, Week

Major Podcast Announcement Coming Soon!
After the rousing success of Monday night’s test run of our podcast with about 15 impromptu listeners, Walsh and I are nearing a major breakthrough with the debut of the real full-time show. This week we have purchased equipment, chosen a show name, devised a logo, built a new website, and began setting up social media pages. All of these big surprises are due to be unveiled very soon. We are expecting to do one more test run next week before officially going live the following week. How many listeners do we expect? I don’t know, but I’d say a ballpark figure of 215,000 for the first show. As it was last time, we will continue to be very interactive, with guests able to participate by calling in and send messages. But for now, we will let the suspense continue to build. Full details coming soon.

Minor Breakfast Announcement
Also today, I would like to announce that I quickly descending down the ranks of world’s worst cook of fried eggs. I used to make fried eggs all the time; I have always enjoyed dipping toast in the yolk. Somehow I have lost my touch. The yolk is constantly breaking before I can get the egg out of the frying pan and onto my plate! The other morning I gave it another go for breakfast, and failed rather comically. The first yolk hit the pan and instantly broke. With the second egg, I tapped it on the side of the pan to crack the shell, when all of a sudden the shell broke and the egg popped out, slid under the frying pan, and into the hole on the stove where the burner comes out. It cannot possibly be retrieved. The shell wound up in the pan. From this day forth, Lauren will be called upon to help me fry eggs whose yolks are intended to stay in tact.

Week Ahead
This weekend there is lots going on. We have to quick redeem a very old Groupon before it expires and do a wine tour in St. Croix Falls tomorrow. Later in the afternoon we’ll be taking in the annual Rosok Chinese New Year gathering. Sunday there is talk of seeing the Oscar nominees in the Documentary Shorts category. Next week Wednesday we plan to hit up the Timberwolves/Clippers game.

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  1. awesome show but rather than have a free for all maybe do it on some core topics and then have a section of the show devoted to maybe customer comments live or whatever — kinda like a hit and get section of the show —

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