Very Legitimate Sick Day
I’m supposed to be at work right now after a 4-day Christmas vacation, but my poor stomach isn’t feeling up to it. At exactly 6:30pm yesterday, I woke up from a little nap and immediately felt sick. It didn’t take long to figure out that I’d caught the same bug that was going around the Glanzer farm. Mom missed almost all of Christmas Day sick in bed, and the next day Calvin and Peyton were sick. I had gotten a flu shot this year so I figured I’d be fine, but evidently not as I was rushing for the bathroom by 9pm. And then I was up four or five times during the night heading back to the bathroom for more puking. By 6am I still felt like crap so I e-mailed work and said I wouldn’t be in today. So, I’ll be laying here on the couch until I feel like I can muster up the strength to get up.

Christmas Wrap-Up
Lauren and I the past couple years have not exchanged Christmas presents, instead opting to put the money we might have spent towards trips or something. But this year we did. I got Lauren the sapphire ring she’s been clamoring for, and Lauren is taking me out to a classy French dinner on New Years Eve, plus a few other smaller things. Thanks for the 8GB flash drive, Droid charger, Droid skins, and other stuff, Lauren!

Christmas Eve was spent at the Poulter residence where I continued the fruitcake gift exchange gag by gifting the fruitcake encased in a tub of Jello to Anne after having received Steve’s all-out remote control moon rover a year ago. It was Plan C that ended up going through. Plan A involved setting it ablaze in the yard, and Plan B involved friends delivering it via caroling. Lauren and I also received a couple new sets of our wedding dishes. Thanks Poulters!

On Christmas morning we were up bright and early and headed to South Dakota in our new ’08 Impala. I’d been experiencing some jerkiness when shifting gears lately, and was hoping to make it home for Dad to inspect before things got worse. Right as we approached Watertown, I was slowing down for some reason, and couldn’t get back up to speed. I was stuck at 30mph for 20 miles or so, and then outside of Henry it went back up to 60mph. But we were forced to leave it at the farm. The Grand Prix was excited to get the call back up to the majors to drive us around for a while.

As usual, it was pretty wild at home with the nieces and nephew demanding my attention. I didn’t do much spinning of the kids this time, but I played lots of games with Peyton and threw Hudson onto the couch a number of times and let Emmy play with my Droid. Jordan and Dad were forced into emergency dinner-making action with Mom’s illness, but everything turned out just fine! Presents were opened and I was alarmed to receive $300 cash and gift cards and other presents. Thanks Mom, Dad, Stuart, Alex, and Grandma Bell!

The highlight of Christmas was hanging out at the basement bar playing a game of Loaded Questions with Lauren, Dad, Calvin, Alex, and Ann. It turned out to be almost as inappropriate as a game with Jason. We were in hysterics with some pretty crude answers, at least by family standards… nothing that can be repeated here. At some point in the night I accepted a dare to chug a bottle of some blue coconut-tasting Smirnoff-type drink, which I did, then paid for dearly in the morning… totally unrelated to my current sickness, however.

wintry scenery on the farm
A white Christmas, indeed.
Great Granny Cleo with her four great-grandchildren
Great Granny Cleo sits proudly with her four great-grandchildren.

In my next blog, I’ll be recapping my year of 2010, counting down the biggest moments and best photos!