Our weekend was pretty damn busy. With my entire September calendar free of DJ gigs, I guess I’m trying to take extra advantage of my full weekends. Friday night it was dinner with the Walshichettis at the Sea Salt Eatery, a seasonal restaurant in a park that serves fresh seafood. Check back soon for more, as we’ll be reviewing it over on the food blog. After picking up Feeney, the five of us took in a night of bowling at Elsie’s in Nordeast. Lauren bowled the game of her life in the first game (131 maybe?). I had one good score (159) in the second game.

Saturday we celebrated brother-in-law TR’s 32nd birthday with lunch at the Black Forest Inn, the place I just won my menu design contest. I collected my gift card winnings and went to town on Hacken-Pschorr Oktoberfest beer, the Bratwurst Dinner, and a piece of crazy dense chocolate cake. (Again, check back soon for the food blog review!) The party was scheduled to end there, but you can be assured it did not. The group made its way over to the Bulldog for an afternoon of playing cards and chatting. TR and his brother Andy and sister Kristie were all there, and Lauren and her sister Kate and brother Matt were all there. I felt kinda lonesome without Jordan and Alex there to complete the sibling trios, but soon another loner arrived and I stopped sobbing. The party failed to end after the Bulldog too, and soon the whole group made its way to our apartment where more shenanigans took place. The last of the crowd filed out around 1am, thus completing TR’s all-day birthday bonanza.

Sunday of course was a day for rest and clean-up. Lauren and I chilled on the couches watching football and baseball, and I even admittedly got dragged in a bit when Lauren watched the last couple episodes of last season’s Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. To complete our day of TV fun, we ventured over to a Dexter premier viewing party at the Assmann/Burke compound in Eagan. We were all on the edges of our seats as the season 5 opener attempted to give us diehard viewers some closure from season 4’s grisly ending.

I guess this week is more busyness. Lauren, TR, Kate, and I have our first wine tasting class tonight at South Lyndale Liquors, offered by the City of Minneapolis Adult Education program. The class is called “Wine Tasting with a Flair.” People keep asking me what the flair is, and I assume it has something to do with me being made fun of at a later date. Wednesday I go back for guitar lesson #2 with Travis Bolton of Travis & Jonny fame. Last week I brought my guitar to work and it turned into a true Free Love Freeway moment when a crowd gathered in the marketing office to watch our sales manager bust out some Pink Floyd.