Softball Season Ends on High Note
Our men’s softball team won its first game of the year while I was gone to Toronto, then proceeded to lose its next eight. I had yet to be a part of a win, and after losing 13-3 in the first game of our double-header Monday, it seemed like we’d finish on a nine-game losing streak. We fell behind 9-0 after four innings, but after a few defensive adjustments we came back to score 10 unanswered runs in a 10-9 victory. Craig and I switched positions, with him going to left field and me taking over second base, and from that point on the other team failed to score. Coincidence? Who knows. Walsh pitched well and earned the win, with Luke calling a good game behind the plate. It feels good to end the season on a winning streak. For those interested in reviewing my full season stats, they are available on the right-hand sidebar.

Random Stuff
▫ My cold continues on to day number 11, while Lauren is only about six days in. She was forced to take a sick day Monday, and still is coughing and sniffly. I also seem to have infected Walsh.
▫ The Twins, the hottest sports team on the planet, have a 99.9% chance of winning the AL Central after sweeping the White Sox this week. That pleases me, but the goal now is best record in the league for homefield in the playoffs. I’ll be watching all weekend.
▫ I bought the new Weezer album entitled “Hurley” with a picture of the guy from Lost on the cover. As usual, I didn’t care for it after the first time listening, but after four times there are some songs that are growing on me.
▫ Tomorrow I begin taking guitar lessons with Travis Bolton of local Travis & Jonny fame. Like I told Travis, this might be my last chance to make it big in the country music industry.
▫ I paid off the final $98.44 of my smaller student loan this week!
▫ As I mentioned on Facebook, I’ve finally started to watch Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm from the beginning and it might be the best season yet with the mini-Seinfeld reunion arc.