Softball Team Preps for Season
A Madison resident may pass by Bryn Mawr Field near downtown Minneapolis this summer and think he’s gone back into some sort of time machine. Our co-ed softball team, the Beagle Brigade, begins play on Monday, and there are many familiar college faces who made the squad this spring. Aside from me, there’s the versatile C. M. Walsh, the strong-armed Bradley Feeney, the quietly powerful Craig Karjalainen, and the stealth Matt Hanson. The girls so far include Lauren, Sarah, and Gillian. I’ve been led to believe Luke Katuin and a female co-worker of his are also on the team. We are fully sponsored by Herkimer’s (a bar in Uptown famous for its microbrews and burgers) and even got free uniforms from them. Think of the most shockingly fluorescent blue t-shirt you owned in the early 1990s, multiply that by five, and that’s the color of our t-shirts. The season opener is Monday vs. Rock Bottom at 7:00. The first 2 fans to pass through the turnstiles will receive a meet-and-greet photo opportunity with the team.

Wedding Season!
I’m very excited for this summer’s wedding season. Aside from the onslaught of weddings I’ll be DJing at the Profile over the next two months, I am invited as a guest to four more. Lauren and I are very excited to take in the first of these weddings the weekend of June 26 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Lauren’s old college friend Daphne is getting married, and we will be flying from Minneapolis to Buffalo for the weekend and then renting a car to get the rest of the way. As you all know, I have not been invited to a wedding strictly as a guest since I was Lauren’s date at Christian and Jaime’s wedding in Stillwater in December 2007. Since then, all the weddings I’ve attended I’ve either been the one getting married, a groomsman, a guest/DJ, or strictly DJ. That means I’ve been to 53 weddings since the last time I was purely a guest.

Archiving the Old
You may have noticed I’ve posted the first 63 Daily Logs ever written, from November 2003 through October 2004.  I decided the other day to take down my old DSU student website, but couldn’t bear to delete all that wonderful content.  So, if you’re lucky enough to have the password for this blog’s secret posts, you can go back and read about what I was doing on this date six years ago!  Over the next few weeks I hope to have everything from archived as well.  My master plan is to delete everything off that site and then move this blog over to that domain name, but for some reason I’m not allowed to create databases on my own site.  Brandon Nase to the rescue, I hope!

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• My current freelance project is underway, as I’m constructing a website for another roofing company, Roof-1 RBR, Inc.
• We realized how loud my car runs. Whenever we get to a stop and the car is idling, Lauren and I both find ourselves reaching to turn down the radio volume, having not realized how loud it was while in motion.
• For the latest in nostalgic novelty house furnishings and memorabilia, head over to We are making sales!
• The Twins’ 10-4 start has been nice, but I still am waiting for this offense to bust out. 3-for-19 with the bases loaded is weak, and no player has more than 2 HR. Actually, no hitter has particularly impressive statistics; it truly has been a team effort so far.
• I met Twins’ TV analyst Anthony LaPanta in the stands Friday night at the game and patted him on the back.
• Lauren and I bid farewell to her co-worker Eileen Gano who’s departing for a new life in Los Angeles next week by going out for brunch at Hell’s Kitchen Sunday. The strangest part is Patrick Lynch is just days away from returning from his stay in Los Angeles. The two could have coordinated things and just literally traded houses and everything. Would have been so much simpler. We’re excited to have old Patchy back in our lives.