It’s been a pretty quiet week here… nothing exciting to write about.  It’s been very quiet at the office with management all out at the NAB Show in Vegas. It has given me a chance to get some work done on my giant Flash project, “Find the Right Product for You!”  I can’t say it has gone well, but at least I was doing work.

Tuesday after work the gang got together for some softball practice. Lauren noticed a flaw in my batting stance and when I corrected it, the ball really starting flying all over. Great coaching, Lauren! Now I just need to find the flaw in Lauren’s swing. Perhaps a visit to the batting cage is in order this weekend.

Wednesday night I went over to Walsh’s house and he fixed my laptop with a good old fashioned reformatting.  It works like new!  Maybe now it won’t awkwardly freeze up in the middle of a song this weekend as I DJ another wedding dance. Last night I went to the gym and did laundry. I also went and stocked up on a bunch of $3.99 bottles of wine at Trader Joe’s.  If you can’t tell the difference between good wine and cheap wine, why go anywhere else?

Tonight, Lauren and I are heading to Target Field with the Walshichettis for the Twins vs. Royals game. It will be Cy Young winner Zack Greinke on the mound against Scott Baker. So far in Target Field’s young history, I have been present for every home loss (exhibition games included) and not present for every home victory. I hope to buck that trend tonight. Should be cool to see the lights in full effect as it’s the first night game.

As I mentioned, I am DJing Saturday night, and Sunday morning Lauren and I are bidding adieu to Lauren’s co-worker Eileen and her boyfriend Mindaugas as they head west to California by having brunch at Hell’s Kitchen.

And now you know what happened to me this week!