RSVPs, Parties

Every day after work, I rush to the mailbox to see who, if anyone, has responded with their RSVP cards for the wedding. We sent them out almost two weeks ago, so it is very safe to assume everyone who was sent an invitation has received one. So far I think we’ve received 25-30 cards back in the mail, with a little over half confirming they will be attending.

Our best day was last Wednesday when we got 10 in the mail, but that number tailed off to just 3 on Saturday, so it is really tough to know what to expect. But there are over 100 invites still out there and 12 days to turn them in, so I’m sure we’ll see an increase soon.

In my personal experience, I have been the guy to not respond at all either way when receiving an invitation. Most of the time it’s just because I forget, but there have been a couple times where I’ve been DJing and attending as a guest and figured there was no need to respond since I’d contractually obligated to be there. But now I know it is important to send back that card regardless of attendance.

Most of the people who have said "not attending" are not big surprises. In fact, all the "no" responses on my side have been from people who are outside Minnesota, mostly friends and neighbors of my parents. If the wedding was back home, I bet all of those "no" responses would be "yes." There haven’t really been any shockers either on the "attending" responses.

But enough about RSVP cards.

Lauren had her bachelorette party this weekend, and from what I heard it sounds like it was a success. With Lauren’s party a full six weeks before the wedding, she now has no choice but to stay in on the weekends and behave! While she was out, I hung out with Jason at Green Mill and tipped back a few cheap beers. Later on, Jeff stopped by and we all had a merry time watching the Twins game and chatting.

My bachelor party, planned and organized by groomsman C. M. Walsh, will be taking place in two weekends in rural South Dakota. This party will be held on the Glanzer farm, where a party bus will pick us up in Willow Lake and take us around to a half-dozen bars. There have been four insanely crazy Carpenter Bash weekends in the past, but I have a feeling this will out-do them all by a wide margin. We’re talking about 25 guys in their 20s camping out in a yard consuming massive amounts of alcohol that could significantly boost Carpenter’s economy. I am truly afraid for Mom and Dad, the farm animals, and surrounding neighbors. Don’t worry Lauren, I promise we’ll do another Carpenter Bash someday in the future and you can finally attend!

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