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Last night I graduated from MCTC!  Well, at least I got my third piece of paper telling me I’d completed a seven-hour course.  I went into this Flash class hoping to learn how to use ActionScript, and now I know how.  I still can’t write much code myself, but at least I know where it is supposed to go, what it does, and how to find code online to use.  We didn’t get into things like creating Flash games or even forms, but I now know enough so I could potentially teach myself or follow a tutorial and not get entirely lost.

However, I think overall the class was a little rough.  The first and second sections of the class were relatively pointless for me as I knew 92% of the content already.  I could have gotten away with just taking the third section.  Oh well, a little review didn’t hurt.  The pace of the classes were agonizingly slow as certain students couldn’t keep up and had to raise their hands and ask the instructor to repeat everything he just explained, sometimes things as simple as “how did you save that file?”  And at times last night, even the instructor himself struggled with the content and had to take a few minutes to figure out what he was doing wrong.

In other news, I am struggling to lose any more weight after I initially went from about 266 to 253 in the first month.  I’ve been stuck right around that 252-255 mark for the last month now despite going to the gym as often as before.  We even went four straight days (Saturday through Tuesday) this week!  Jeff, any pointers?  Aaron P says I’ve hit my plateau, and I need to switch things up.  He has suggested I play tennis with him over break Monday at the courts just down the street.  Seeing how so many of my friends already love tennis, I think I’ll have to give in and find my racquet this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it’s here!  Not sure what’s going on yet tonight, but Lauren and I discussed a date night of sorts.  I have been wanting to head downtown lately, so maybe we can find a good place to eat and drink and watch the Twins game on TV.  Tomorrow, weather pending, I plan on getting my bike out of the Rosoks’ garage and riding it home.  We’ve put it off for three straight weeks now… gotta do it this weekend.  It will be the last weekend for a while where I don’t have major plans.  Next weekend I am DJing the Joe Allen/Krista Sullivan wedding dance in Lakeville.  Should be an excellent time seeing some of the old VF gang from the ’04-ish era.

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  1. As a huge follower of The Biggest Loser and other weight loss plans which I watch and read but don’t necessarily follow, I can tell you that most trainers would say if you really want to lose weight, run. Mix some sprinting in with the running and that’s the best way to go. Not fun, quite hard, but results are supposed to be worth it.

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