112 Drama, Thursday, Story

We’ve been moved out of our old house for what, six weeks now?  Yet the drama continues.  Our landlord took out a very good chunk of our security deposit for some questionable items.  One of the items I didn’t question was the unpaid $229.48 from our city utility bill.  He collected that money and was to pay the bill.  Only, he didn’t.  I received in the mail yesterday a letter from the city saying they are taking this unpaid bill up with a collection agency.  If I have the same difficult time getting a response from him that Sarah did when she confronted him for other skeptical charges, we might have no other choice but to take him to small claims court.  I will be on the case today.

Last night Lauren and I visited her family for dinner with an uncle in town and were treated to a variety of delicious Chinese takeout.  Afterwards, we made a late night YWCA appearance.  Earlier in the week, I was disappointed when I learned our scale had been off and it started off at -3 instead of 0, so I had lost less weight than I imainged.  So I figured we’d better step it up a notch!  Working out at 10pm must have had a good effect on me because I don’t feel like I’ve had a more restful night of sleep in a long time.

Also, I have begun writing a story based on this movie poster for the fictional movie Population: 2 I created several years ago.  Dusty Hovde recently brought it up, saying how funny it was, and I began thinking how I should have done something with that million dollar idea!  So look for the first few chapters of a book soon, and then I’m bound to lose interest and never finish it just like every other of the hundreds of stories or movie scripts I’ve attempted to write over the years.

Finally, in some wedding news, it appears my old college friend from the dorms Aaron Rush is going to be our officiant at the wedding.  He is a pastor in Sioux Falls these days, so who better to pull off the big ceremony?  We are very glad to have him take part!

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