Just a few random things going on to mention today!

First of all, in response to Wilson’s comment in the last blog, I really did burn just under 600 calories in a half hour of running on the elliptical machine.  Is 600 calories in a half hour that unheard of?  I actually don’t know, I just went by what the calorie counter on the machine said.  I do know that it is my personal record in the short time I’ve been going to the gym.  Typically even 500 is a stretch.  But like I said, I was going all-out to release my frustration with the Twins at the time!

I had my Flash class again last night, meaning I’m halfway finished, and so far we are yet to learn anything I didn’t already know!  I guess I’ve got the Flash animation thing down.  What I am hoping to learn in this class is how to make something that’s interactive, where you click somewhere and something happens.  None of that yet.  I believe I am the only person under 40 in that class.

Lauren and I are preparing for a weekend trip to South Dakota tomorrow through Sunday.  We have no real reason for going, though it does happen to be Easter.  For the first time I can remember, I will be back without either the Krogman family or a large group of my friends, so things will be much quieter than I’m used to.  I bet Lauren really wants to ride on the mail route with Mom or feed cows in the tractor with Dad, so I’m sure we’ll keep busy!

Speaking of which, the big wedding day is six months away tomorrow.  Lauren is beginning to feel time bearing down on us and is keeping us both on track as far as planning goes.  Amongst my duties right now are finding an officiant.  I’ve asked a couple people, including an old college friend who has become a pastor.  Hope to find someone soon!

Next week is busy.  Monday night Lauren and I have good $6 tickets to the Twins/Jays game which we bought as part of the team’s Dow Jones promotion a while back.   Tuesday we go in for an entree tasting for the wedding.  Wednesday I have my class again.  And then next Saturday I have my Voice-Over Acting class and we have two more floral consultations—oh joy!

Also, not sure if I pointed it out before or not, but I recently reviewed Ben-Hur on my Best Picture Review blog.