April Fools, Opening Day, New Blog

Just two more days of work before my big weekend o’ fun begins!  I took Monday off for the Opening Day of the baseball season because a) I want to sit there and watch the day games, and b) I would be wildly unproductive if I were at work.  I am saving most of my vacation days for 2009 for the days before and after the wedding, so my days off in 2009 will be few and far between.  My plan for the big day off is to wake up around 9, work out, eat breakfast, and then return home to watch the noon games.  Patrick has been rumored to join in the fun.

Yesterday was April Fools Day.  Our family has usually taken full advantage of our one day of the year to blatantly lie and get away with it.  My jokes usually begin and end within seconds.  “Hey Lauren, wake up, it’s an all-0ut blizzard outside… April Fools!”  The classic Glanzer family joke for two decades has been to call Granny and tell her one of the cows had twin calves, a perfectly plausible story.  But the fact that we did it every single year and she fell for it year after year made it all the funnier.  Mom called last night just to ask if I’d done the joke yet, but I figured she or Dad would have it covered.  The only real joke I participated in was at work when Josh and I led Aaron to believe that Josh had flown to Vegas over the weekend and gotten married.  He bought it, but wasn’t surprised enough to make it terribly funny.

I had my Flash I class again last night.  Each of the three sections meet just twice, so upon completion of last night’s class I was given a handsome certificate to hang on the office wall.  Of course I am only a third of the way done, so I’ll get two more of them.  So far I can’t say we learned anything I didn’t already know, but it has been good review if nothing else.  I am most interested in learning Action Script in Flash III.

In other news, I decided to go ahead and start moving my Best Picture reviews from this blog to a new one.  It seemed the results of the recent survey spoke for themselves, with half of the voters uninterested in the project.  So now, be sure to check my new blog for the Best Picture reviews.  I had plenty of down time during class last night to work on it, but I’ve got a lot of reviews yet to transfer from this blog to the new one.  It’s a time-consuming project, but I think you’ll find the layout pleasing.  I’ll probably alert you of the new entries here first!



  1. I like the new look, too! I noticed your next big picture is “Ben Hur”…Oh, that brings back memories of days gone by. When I was little (OK, young) we only got like 2 stations on TV. One Sunday night, CBS was going to be showing Ben Hur and it was highly promoted. I didn’t know a thing about the movie, but it was so hyped that I was excited to see it. I never got to. After an afternoon of ice skating, I became very ill with a stomach flu and spent the whole evening and night puking my guts out, missing the movie entirely. Now, even reading the title of that movie makes me nauseous. It was perhaps the sickest I’ve ever been. But please, you two enjoy the movie!

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