Friday Morning Update

The Rosoks and Berglund-Husebys after helping us move last week.
The Rosoks and Berglund-Husebys after helping us move last week.

As George Jones once sang, “It’s finally Friday!”  Yes, it has been a very long week, it seems.  It was uneventful, though Lauren and I did get settled into our apartment.  The new place has treated us well so far.  I’ve immediately noticed how much quieter it is being just one street away from the busy 26th Street.  Very few sirens.  Of course the biggest difference so far is no more roommates or beagles.  We haven’t even seen the likes of Jason yet.  Until Jason comes over for a wild weeknight of drinking, I don’t think the place will feel broken in.

The living room after a little organizing.
The living room after a little organizing.

Monday and Tuesday night after work, we just came home and watched another of our Oscar movies, which you likely read about, or skipped over.  Wednesday night we made a big stride in our effort to get in shape when we got memberships at the YWCA.  No, it’s not just for women.  It’s a short five-block walk from our new place.  So Wednesday night we signed up and worked out.  We tried to watch some Arrested Development when we got home, but I was out cold by 10:00.  Last night we got a quick bite at Green Mill’s happy hour after work, went back to the gym, and popped in another Best Picture winner, 1947’s Gentleman’s Agreement, which I’ll write about in greater depth today.  I again was bobbing off to sleep around 10:00.  Working out at 7pm must be having some sort of affect on me.

Tonight it sounds like an outing with the Berglund-Husebys at their St. Paul home, but I will likely have to call it an early night as I am traveling out to Buffalo and Annandale first thing Saturday morning to meet with two businesses in regards to me building them websites.  Beyond that, not much for plans the rest of the weekend.  We still have plenty of organizing to do at the new place.  And I’ve been told by Mom I need to make an Ikea run for her.  Lauren feels like we should go to church occasionally now since we’re getting married at the Grace at the U church.  I feel like they’ve got our deposit money, so we’ll see them in October!


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