2008 at a Glance… or Should I Say Glanz?

2008 is very quickly winding down.  With under seven hours to go, I can’t help but begin looking forward to the immediate fun to be had in 2009.  Of course on Friday, Lauren and I are flying to Las Vegas for an inexpensive winter vacation.  I’ll continue on to San Francisco Sunday night for the Macworld show.  I’m excited for the trip!  But before I get too carried away, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the magical year that was 2008.

The big highlights of the year involved the Glanzer children. In May, Jordan gave birth to Baby #3, Hudson William Krogman. And just a few days later, Alex said “I do” to longtime girlfriend Ann. Four short months later, it was my turn in the spotlight as Lauren accepted my marriage proposal in the presidential suite of the Minneapolis Depot hotel.

I also continued to slave away at MB Technology, where I suppose I am lucky to even still be employed after a few discrepencies between upper management and my website/blog. And when I would have had free time on the weekends, I instead loaded up my car and traveled all over Minnesota to DJ wedding dances. From Mankato to St. Cloud to St. Paul, I ate a lot of free meals, earned a few extra bucks, and heard “Cha Cha Slide” 3,493 times.

I traveled to Milwaukee and Chicago for baseball-related trips in the summer, and attended another 20 or so Twins home games. I also put together a men’s basketball team in Chaska, where we lost often but got a lot of exercise, as well as a co-ed softball team in Minneapolis, where we finished a respectable 5-8. What wasn’t respectable was our 0-20 record in the Eden Prairie co-ed “Gold League,” meant for players who play to win and not to enjoy themselves.

I also went tubing at Cannon Falls, took in a Vikings game, two Timberwolves games, a Wild game, reunited with old classmates over the 4th of July, and hosted Alex’s bachelor party full of minors.

I took my car to the shop more times than I can count. I got violently ill a couple times. I made 6.5 trips to South Dakota. I kidnapped a farm cat, flushed a fish (RIP Jarrod), and slept regularly with a beagle, albeit unwillingly.

Yes, 2008 certainly was a year to remember.  What will 2009 hold in store?  The big Glanzer/Poulter wedding, moving again, a trip to Las Vegas and San Francisco.  Yes, 2009 should be one for the books as well.


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