Today, for the first time in my three years of employment at MB, I took a vacation day for no particular reason.  I had saved two vacation days all year in hopes I’d be able to use them for potential Twins playoff games, but since they missed out by the slimmest of margins, I still have two days left before the company calendar turns over on Dec. 1.  That doesn’t mean I have to use my days up.  I could instead save them for next year, but what the hell.  Thought I’d take a luxurious five-day weekend.

Don’t think I’ll just be wasting my day sitting around the house, sleeping till 11, watching TV all afternoon, and eating takeout and drinking the day away.  I woke up when Lauren got up for work at 7.  I have a few plans to keep me busy.

First off, Lauren and I still are looking for a gym that fits our needs.  There are three within walking distance of our house, and I plan on visiting at least two of them today to check out the facilities.  I also plan on seeing what’s new at Target Field, future home of the Twins, on my walk.  I thought maybe I’d check out our local library for the first time.  I also must call and arrange plans for Saturday night’s dance I agreed to DJ.

Then tonight, Tim, Lauren, and I are heading to the Target Center to see our 3-9 Minnesota Timberwolves take on the Phoenix Suns.  I figure I’d like to see Shaquille O’Neal play one game before he’s retired.

As for the rest of the week, tomorrow is Thanksgiving at the Poulters’.  Friday evening I’m going out with Lauren’s friends to some sort of annual Day After Thanksgiving dinner.  Later that night maybe Jason will be celebrating his birthday and I can party it up with him.  Saturday night I DJ the AA dance, and Sunday is the 1-year anniversary of my first date with Lauren!  We plan on re-enacting the date, which was dinner at Chapati Indian restaurant, followed by a drink in Hopkins.