Glanzers Pay a Visit

This weekend the Glanzers are in town to visit and meet Lauren’s parents.  Best they get to know each other now rather than at the wedding next fall!  Last night Lauren and I met up with Mom and Dad and went out for dinner at Granite City Brewery in St. Louis Park.  Afterwards they got to see our house, watch some DVR’d Jeopardy, watch Roscoe do tricks, and have a couple drinks.  Tonight is when they’ll actually meet up with the Poulters.

Let’s see, what else… it was probably the strangest week so far at work in my 149 weeks of employment at my company.  Again, probably not at liberty to say much, but it went from some devastating lows for some on Wednesday to some very optimistic highs by Friday.

For those of you wondering the answer to my trivia question last time, here’s the answer: Lauren banned me from singing “Holiday Road,” a song from the National Lampoon’s Vacation soundtrack.  That song has been playing on loop in my head for a couple weeks now, and Monday evening Lauren simply had to say “No!  No more Holiday Road!”  Fleetwood Mac frontman Lindsey Buckingham would be proud of me.

Not a lot else new, though.  Be looking for my reviews of Best Pictures from 1930 and 1931 soon, as both DVDs have arrived from Netflix.

One comment

  1. Hope you guys are having a good time. I was thinking about bringing my crew to Carpenter this weekend until I remembered Mom and Dad’s trip to the big city…so here we sit, in our tiny apartment, waiting for Thanksgiving break so we can get the heck OUT OF HERE! Can you imagine living in this place with three small children? Seriously…can you? I’m going crazy!

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