The Secret Is Out!

Last night I got engaged to Lauren!  It was quite the crazy couple of days as I lied to Lauren about my whereabouts and strange behavior.  I told her Wednesday night not to make any plans for Friday because I had a surprise waiting.  Thursday after work, I paid a visit to Steve and Anne Poulter to get the go-ahead.  They were pleased and gave me the thumbs-up.  Friday I left work at noon and made a few purchases for the night, then checked into the Depot downtown, where Luke Katuin had secured a presidential 3-room suite for a fraction of the cost.

I came back to the house around 5 and picked up Lauren, who was all packed up but still wondering where we were going.  It didn’t take more than a few minutes to arrive downtown, where I decided to just lay it on her right away.  Maybe it didn’t go down exactly like Lauren had envisioned, but she said yes and I popped that expensive little ring on her finger.  We took a few moments to soak it in, then I just had to go calling family and a couple friends to spread the news.

At 8 we walked down to a nice dinner at Wasabi, then returned to the hotel bar to have a celebratory drink with Jaime, Christian, and Jason.  The party carried over into the suite, and we passed out after midnight.  In the morning, Luke stopped by to serve us breakfast in bed, and who should answer the door but Jason.  Luke was absolutely bewildered, as well he should have been!  We were locked away in the big private bedroom, so we didn’t even know anyone slept over.  We hit up the jacuzzi, ate breakfast, and were home by noon.

So, it’s official!  No further plans have been made, but I’m sure that will all come soon.  Now it’s off to St. Paul to DJ a wedding dance in a cave.


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