1. Home Run Glanzer

What a wild game we had on Wednesday. It was the first time we played a game on the “big kid field”. It was the first time ever we played a game that was broadcast online. It was the first game of the season where we didn’t use the tee after three strikes, and kids did in fact strike out. And it was the first home run of little Johnny’s baseball career, a 3-run line drive to center field that skipped to the wall. I frantically started yelling to him as he was running to first base that he had it, just keep running. We still lost, 7-5, to fall to 1-4 on the season. Boooo.

John Glanzer, #10, runs towards first base in a Little League game played Wednesday, April 6, 2022 in Austin, Texas. (AP)

2. Solo Job

Lauren has had not one. Not two. But THREE work trips in the past 10 days. Exhausting for her, no doubt. But let’s give some credit to old Pops here too. I’ve had to do both bed times and get both kids ready for school alone 6 times in the last 7 school days! It’s not really all that difficult, but when you consider I get up around 6am and the first 15 hours of my day are spent parenting, working, and coaching, what precious time is left for myself I’m too wiped to do anything but pass out on the couch.

3. AC

I had the new ductless mini split system installed in my backyard shed on Wednesday. When it hit 97º on Tuesday, my Mac continually shut down due to overheating. That proved for real that it was fully necessary to have an AC out there… not that I ever thought it didn’t need it. But it couldn’t be so simple. The electric hookup only supports 120V and the unit requires 240V. So, it’s 100% installed and paid for, but it can’t run. I have a call out to the electrician to install the appropriate breaker switches, but part of me is still worried it won’t be possible and I’ll be stuck with an expensive climate control system with no way to run it.

4. What I Watched Last Night

Well, I binged the first three seasons all at once, and then kinda forgot about it. But I started season 4 of Ozark last night. I realized I don’t remember much of anything about how the last season ended and was very lost.

5. Song in My Head

Hey, it’s Opening Day for the Twins! You’d best believe I’ve been playing this song in the van for weeks, forcing the kids to memorize it and sing along. Edie declared this her second favorite song, right after “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” She knows all the words. We’re going to record ourselves singing it soon for your enjoyment.

I don’t know much about other sports teams’ theme songs, but this one feels really timeless and beloved by all.