For my nearly 6 years at Callaway, a painting of a frog in a tuxedo hung above the urinal in the men’s bathroom. Why this frog? Who knows. It was even more odd in that the frog and its tuxedo were all the same shade of green. The title of this odd painting was “Grenouille” which I learned is French for frog. I counted that I worked at Callaway 1,350 days. If I used the bathroom even twice per day I probably spent about 45 hours of my life staring that frog in the eye. The very sharp male co-worker will also recall how a dead ant was stuck behind the frame for several years!

Nearly a month after leaving Callaway, I decided to give one last farewell to my co-workers by sending them a painting mocking (or honoring?) the urinal frog. It is as close to an exact replica as I could muster in about 40 minutes of work… except I swapped in my own face in place of the frog’s! I mailed it to the company VP and waited impatiently for them to receive it.

Finally Monday I received word that Callaway had the frog in hand and everyone was in hysterics. The painting was hung up in the men’s bathroom, right above Grenouille. Now I shall ne’er be forgotten at Callaway.

Grenouille, the French frog in a tuxedo!
And the Ryan Glanzer frog in a tuxedo…