Not much new today. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new couch on Wednesday. This will be our first new piece of living/dining room furniture of the non-IKEA kind ever. I sold our old couch to a friend, and with no couch we moved the TV and PS3 into the bedroom temporarily. This is causing me to go to sleep very early. Staring at a TV screen lying down equals immediate sleep. I have long been an advocate for having a TV in the bedroom, while Lauren is opposed. So I’ll enjoy it for another day until our new living room set-up is ready. We also desperately need a new oven. Our current one won’t heat up past 300 unless you preheat it as high as it will go, 550. And then it overshoots the temp, and when we lower the temp it over-corrects and goes too far down. But that will have to wait for another day.

Our most local pro sports team just won the NBA Finals last night. The San Antonio Spurs, just 90 minutes south of Austin, destroyed the Heat in winning their fifth title. You’d think maybe I would have tuned in for some of the Finals, but I did not. In fact, I watched absolutely zero minutes of the entire playoffs. I kept up on the playoffs and checked in the morning to see who won each night but that’s it. Somehow I have lost 99% interest in the NBA. I would imagine this is a direct correlation with the full decade of losing by the Timberwolves. But even so, I used to be almost as big of an NBA fan as baseball back in the mid-90s. I would be glued to NBA on NBC on Sunday afternoons. 90% of the players being younger than me might also have something to do with it. If the Timberwolves ever get good again I might consider paying attention again.

It has yet to crack 100 this year in Austin, with nothing close to it in the 10-day forecast. Still very hot, but tolerable thus far into the late spring. Electric bills are drastically lower than last year this time, also thanks in part to the Nest thermostat we installed.