The big tree in our front yard is nearly dead. Last year I was none the wiser and hired some company to come out and remove a few dead limbs for the hefty sum of $400.  This year, noticing a few more dead limbs that are quite the eyesore with no leaves, I invested in a tree trimming saw with expandable handle for $40 and decided to do the job myself.

From the ground, the limb and branches didn’t seem that big, but once they came crashing down I ran like hell for cover. They were much heavier and bulkier than they looked 20 feet up in the air. I did it in three segments and then used my drill jigsaw attachment to cut them into smaller pieces. I’ll plan to keep the big pieces for firewood next winter.

It’s also that time of year–already–where I’m back to going through 4-5 shirts per day if I’m going to do anything whatsoever outdoors and it’s only May 11! Again, something I maybe should have taken into greater consideration a few years ago. This time it took me about 20 minutes to soak completely through one shirt and 10 more minutes to go through a second.