As almost all of our friends in Austin head to the airport to fly back to see family in places such as Connecticut, Chicago, Florida, West Virginia, and other faraway places this holiday season, the Glanzers will remain in town for the second straight year, sobbing pitifully by ourselves on Christmas morn… or something like that.

Having already flown back north for a week trip in April, bachelor and bachelorette parties in July/August, and driving back for the wedding in September, along with a trip to Napa Valley this year, our PTO and bank accounts were equally tapped for 2013!

Don’t feel too sad for us; we knew what we’d be getting ourselves into when we chose to move to Texas. Sure, we’ll miss out on the holiday fun some years, but it only makes it that much more special when we actually are able to return! Besides, there really is certainly something to be said for 55 degrees on Christmas morn.

What will we be doing on Christmas? Well, since we didn’t have to cook anything on Thanksgiving this year, we’ll prepare a feast for two, open some presents, and then chill and watch some Christmas movies. This year I hope old Santy Claus brings me $10,000 to pay off various medical debts, a new vehicle to replace our falling-apart ones, a landscaper to come over and help with our yard, and some sugar cookies in fun Christmas shapes. But that is awful greedy. I will settle for any one of those things, or some surprise Twins free agent signings.

I always find Lauren to be difficult to shop for, so this year I took special note of anytime she said she liked something or wanted something in particular. Boy I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens box after box of yarn!