I am not usually one to get into the Halloween spirit, but we hosted a party this year and invited our Austin area friends over to enjoy some drinks. I took the opportunity to dress up as Breaking Bad hero/villain Walter White. Here was the transformation.

Ryan Glanzer dresses as Walter White for Halloween costume.
My transformation from Ryan Glanzer to Walter White.

For those unfamiliar with Breaking Bad, the Emmy-winning drama which just ended its run last month, here is the real character, as portrayed by Bryan Cranston.

Walter Hartwell White

The party was a rousing success with a wide array of local friends on hand, but I had far too much to drink. Not to worry, I spent all day Sunday sitting on the couch watching football.

20131026_190047 (1)
I also put up a jar for Walt’s Surgery Fund as seen in the DEA’s office in one episode.