Lauren is away in Katy, TX for a few days to open a new Whole Foods, so it’s been just me and Hound here at the house. I don’t know if it’s because Lauren is gone or just the timing, but it has been one of the busiest weekends in recent memory. I’ve done lots of yardwork and housework, played racquetball, gone shopping, saw a rooftop concert downtown, eaten at Noble Pig, got a haircut, and am about to take Beagle to the dog park. All that and I still have a long list of things to do, including contract work, paying bills, and getting together with some other friends. I’m sure Lauren has been just as busy being on her feet all day overseeing this store opening.

In other news, it has been in the mid-80s here this past week. As I mentioned on Facebook the other day, it appeared there was a swing of 122º from the -50º wind chill in Carpenter and the 72º high on Monday in Austin. Friday it was nearly 85º on my drive home from work. Apparently that is extremely atypical of January weather here. I had the AC cranked in the car and the house, and was out working in the yard shirtless dripping sweat. I guess that’s kinda what we had in mind when we departed Minnesota.

Also last week we said goodbye to Sami, a co-worker who had been at Callaway for a few years, by taking in the brand new Austin iFly indoor skydiving place. Eleven of us went in for the event and took in a full hour of training and preparation before taking our one-minute turns in the wind tunnel. I imagined it would be really easy where we’d just step in and go flying around doing flips and stuff, but it was quite difficult and we had to watch the instructors’ hand signals just to float a few feet. But it was quite fun and I had a good start to my first flight before crashing into the wall. I never really was able to regain form after that.

The Callaway marketing and IT team at iFly Austin.
The Callaway marketing and IT team at iFly Austin. Clockwise starting with me, it’s Sami, Randy, Allison, Stephen, Eddie, Jenn, Jason, Brian, Phil, and lying is Shenea.
Ryan Glanzer iFly Austin Texas
I had the hang of it for a few seconds anyway.