Pictures of the Day: Your Call!

If anyone is still following my daily photo blog at Tumblr, you will know I have successfully posted one photo from each day since January 1, 2011.  But after losing some interest from the public with picture after picture of Baxter, I am asking you to give me some ideas.  For the next week or two, I will make it my mission to capture your requests on camera for my photos of the day.  Want to see Baxter eating a potato chip, or a co-worker pointing at a computer screen, or Lauren knitting while frowning?  I intend to meet your demands.

And I also want to document this specific moment in time as the Twins have a 6-5 eighth inning lead over the Angels, seeking to earn their first win of the young 2012 season.


  1. I would like a picture of a rowdy teen, a wtf moment and a beagle sniffing a blue rock. in no particular order.

  2. a human bone
    a group of people playing an unfamiliar game
    an optical illusion
    a pharacutical or personal hygiene product that isn’t for you, but you’re somewhat curious to try anyhow
    a picture of you recreating the classic colbert’s friend picture with someone you don’t know (
    a zoomed in(to the point of being unrecognizable) part of your body. don’t tell us what it is
    you in a civil war recreation battle
    something that is far larger then what things of its type normally are to the point of being ridiculous
    someone trying a new food item, but they are not enjoying it
    you doing something to baxter that causes strangers around you to openly stare at you
    someone trying on clothes at a department store that they ultimately decide not to buy anything from
    people getting inside a car that is upside down
    people balancing on something narrow
    you crashing a funeral
    someone using unfamiliar software
    a rigorous water balloon fight
    you suddenly running away while nervously looking back at a stranger who has done nothing to make you fear him or trigger this response

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