Softball, DJ, Twins, Etc.

• I endured my all-time most embarrassing softball game on Monday, as I struck out looking—twice—in my two at-bats. I honestly don’t remember having struck out ever before in slow-pitch softball, and then it happened twice in one game, both times without swinging, which is especially rare because I swing at virtually everything. This pitcher was throwing something odd though, almost a knuckleball. The ball looked like it was going to hit the ground way in front of the plate, and then it just kept coming and coming. I was practically backing away from the pitch, assuming it was going to be a ball. Just like my little league baseball days, I threw my bat and hat away in disgust. But I must hand it to that pitcher, as he had me utterly fooled. That dropped my average on the season to .600. Per softball rituals, he who strikes out must supply beer for the next game, so I’ll be supplying some brews for the squad. The team lost 11-1 in a mercy-rule 5-inning game. I absolutely hate that rule. We had 15 more minutes left, and I’m sure the players on both teams all wanted to keep playing just for fun.

• Sister Jordan, with soon-to-be baby in tow, was in town Wednesday for a shopping trip and we met up for lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant, Biryani, the site of our wedding rehearsal dinner. I know the staff at Biryani pretty well, and I noticed I got a funny look from at least one of them. I wonder if they saw me with a woman other than Lauren and jumped to conclusions?

• Just when I was all set to cancel cable and turn my attention away from the Twins, they came up with an inspiring three-game winning streak in the wake of Harmon Killebrew’s death, including their best game of the year a few days ago, an 11-1 win in Oakland. Even though they’ve now lost 2 straight in Arizona, they are scoring plenty of runs which I can live with. Losing 8-7 and 9-6 is tough, but I’m thrilled that the bats are finally coming to life.

• I am all set to DJ my second-to-last wedding dance today at the Profile. This time it’s an all-day wedding ceremony and dance, lasting from 2:00pm to 1:00am. It will be a heck of a paycheck, but that’s a very painfully long gig. If you were attending a wedding, would you want to sit in the same room for 11 hours straight? We’ll see how many people remain at 1.

• It looks like my mother, Marcie Glanzer, had a successful operation in Sioux Falls on Monday and is at home resting for a few weeks before returning to the mail route. For the full gory details, head over to Jordan’s blog. Or call her and sing her a get-well song… she won’t be able to talk much without her voice functioning properly, but I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

• I am excited for this weekend’s alumni gathering and 10-year class reunion at Willow Lake School. I have never attended our all-school alumni banquet since graduating, though I did make an appearance at the dance in 2008. Lauren and I will leave from work Thursday and camp somewhere on the way home, then arrive home Friday.

• Last Sunday night’s Shed Party Show is archived… Go download the MP3 or stream it from our website. Not sure when we’ll be able to do another show. I don’t have a free night at home over the next week.

• Someone posted this video on Facebook last week and I just thought it was hilarious.

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