I feel like there’s nothing that can be said that wasn’t covered on last night’s show. But for those of you who don’t have two hours to kill and don’t want to listen to the podcast (which is now available for download in the iTunes Store!), here’s what’s been going on lately.

Thursday night Lauren, Walsh, Sarah, and I hung out at Mackenzie’s Pub for St. Patrick’s Day and ran up a pretty little bar tab drinking Irish car bombs and Guinness. Walsh and I also tried the new Rolling Stones pinball machine and found it maddeningly difficult.

Mackenzie's Pub Minneapolis, St Patrick's Day 2011
Celebrating a tiny percentage of possible Irish heritage at Mackenzie's Pub.

Friday night I paid a much-overdue visit to the LaPlant compound in Eden Prairie after work, where I hung out with Jason, Jeff, Andrew, and Patrick for the evening. Jeff’s three pinball machines were all played and we watched the NCAA tournament. I passed out on a recliner and woke up in the morning with a terrible neck and back ache which still hasn’t completely gone away.

When I got home it was around 8am. Lauren was still sleeping, so I figured with no other plans for the morning, I’d hop on the bus and go downtown and get in line for Twins single game tickets which went on sale at 10. It was a painfully long wait in line behind 1,000 others including many overnight campers, but once I realized how many people had gotten in line behind me, I decided to keep my spot in line and go through with it. I got pairs of tickets for games against the A’s, Indians, White Sox, Tigers, Red Sox, and Yankees. I intended to buy more and sell them for a profit, but funds were low and that’s all I bought.

Waiting in line for Minnesota Twins single-game tickets to go on sale.
Waiting in line for Minnesota Twins single-game tickets to go on sale.

In the evening Lauren and I went over to Tim and Kate’s for Tim’s fantasy baseball draft keg with his old friends. It wasn’t a regular shed party this year due to it still being wintry, but we still had a good time. Tim invented a new basketball drinking game as well, which kept the crowd entertained as the night went on.

Sunday, Lauren and I hit the suburbs for some open houses. We stressed to the realtors we were just looking, that we had no money, that we had not even been prequalified, but it was in one ear and out the other! They all wanted to work exclusively with us and sign us up for various websites and e-mails and such. I just wanted to see a few places in the suburbs for comparison’s sake, since everywhere we looked last year when we were looking was right in Minneapolis.

And then at night it was episode 5 of the Shed Party Show. Listen to the recording if you missed it live!