Shed Party ShowChristopher Walsh and I have run a couple test episodes, and it appears we are ready to launch our live podcast this coming Monday, February 21 at 8pm CT! We decided on the name Shed Party Show after a party that bro-in-law Tim once held in a small dark shed. Other than that, the name has no significance.

The show can be accessed at our official website, Also, be sure to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @shedpartyshow. We will be broadcasting live audio (and some crude video) for two hours. For those who can’t listen live and participate in the show, we will be recording and archiving all episodes on our website for podcast downloads.

Listeners/viewers will be able to interact by posting to our Facebook or Twitter pages, or by calling in to the show using Skype @ christopher_walsh82.

What the hell will we be talking about, you ask? Oh, you’ll see… so will we, I guess. If the first two very dry test runs are any indication, topics should vary from headlines to sports to politics to advice to personal stories. But I have DJ’d on the radio before at various stations, and continue to DJ wedding dances on weekends, and Walsh has experience as the Sioux Falls SkyForce DJ, so I think we’ll be alright.

Hope everyone can join us this Monday at 8!