I mentioned the other day on Facebook that I was “the worst person I know at keeping a secret.” Good friends Patrick and Liz were among those who immediately chimed in to agree with me, and Jason also would agree after we hung out last weekend. Why is it that as soon as I know something that other people don’t, I cannot wait to tell everyone? And even if I opt to keep it a secret, I at least tell people that I am keeping a secret from them in hopes that they’ll pry it out of me.

Even if it’s not a secret and it’s just big breaking news, I thoroughly enjoy being the one to deliver it. When Michael Jackson died last summer, I was the one running throughout the office spreading the word. When the Twins took a 20-0 lead over the White Sox in a game last summer, I was doing the same. Everyone pretty well knew I was going to propose to Lauren when I did, even though I only let a couple people in on it. Just my mannerisms were enough to give it away.

At Valleyfair in 2005, there was a supervisors’ meeting with manager Matt Thompson. Matt forewarned us that he had important news about an employee promotion or something, and it was not to leave the room. I said “Well, I can’t keep whatever it is a secret, I think I’ll just leave now.” Matt replied, “Yeah, you probably should.” And I did because I would have told everybody immediately. In the end I think Aaron Rockler got promoted to team lead or something earth-shattering like that.

I was doing a pretty good job of keeping a secret from Dad. With Mom and Dad’s 30th anniversary coming up, I bought tickets for them to join me and Lauren for the Vikings/Bears Monday Night Football game which happened to fall on Dec. 20, their anniversary. Dad has been a Bears fan for many years and has never seen a game, so I thought that would be a perfect gift! I called Mom and told her to keep that day open, and not tell Dad, which she did an excellent job of. Even I didn’t say anything for a whole month. But when they were in town this week, I decided enough was enough and let it out.

Oh well. Sorry to everyone who trusted me with some information and I blurted it out to everyone else. At least I no longer am a real bastard and post everything on my blog! Now I just do it verbally. And as much as I may try, I probably will not be able to change my ways. Maybe I should have become one of those TMZ people who follow around celebrities and reveal the latest dirt on everyone.

Glanzers Visit
Tuesday night, Mom and Dad arrived in Minneapolis bearing gifts, including a couch for our apartment. How we managed to fit that thing through our apartment doorway is a mystery. The couch that has been around since 1993 joins the old family kitchen table which had been around since 1980. I bet they’re happy to see each other again. That night we went out for dinner at the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul, which we’ll be reviewing soon.

Yesterday we took in the Twins/White Sox game at Target Field. I was really excited because KFAN said our tiny section, 201, was the Circle Me Bert section of the game, and someone from that section is guaranteed to be circled and join Bert in the booth! So I got to creating signs, and thought for sure we’d be a shoe-in to win. Unfortunately, we found out upon arrival that the whole thing was predetermined. An FSN guy came over and told an old couple to make sure they had their sign and to hold it up in the fourth inning and they’d be circled, and then Robby Incmikoski would be over to lead them to the broadcast booth. Oh well, it was still a fun evening at the old ballyard as the Twins won 7-6, moving five games ahead of the White Sox!

Mom and Dad at the Twins game
Dick and Marcie give Target Field their approval!

Up next, be sure to see what zany idea I have in mind as I shave my beard this weekend.