Charitable Donation
As has been the tradition the past few years, Lauren’s parents gave us a $100 GoodCard, which is used to donate to basically any non-profit organization or charity in the world. It can be split up into parts, so last year Lauren gave her half to the Humane Society, while I gave my half to the Huron Regional Medical Center Foundation, the hospital at which I made my world debut in 1982.

This year, I decided to go a different route and (just before the card expired) finally settled on two worthy causes—the Minnesota Twins Community Fund, which builds or improves baseball fields across the Upper Midwest, and some sort of Twin Cities gun control program, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to get shot minding my own business. Lauren also split hers into halves, but you’d have to ask her what her money went towards.

Last night while watching the Twins lose in Seattle, Lauren trained me in the ancient art of yoga. I have extraordinarily pitiful flexibility, so this figured to help stretch some muscles that haven’t been stretched in years. Mostly we focused on the legs and groin muscles, but some attention was given to the neck. I notice Lauren is usually a lot less stressed out after work on Wednesdays because she has a yoga class over break. While Lauren was routinely bending around, I was yelping whenever I leaned over or attempted to exert myself.

Random Bulletpoints for the Day
▪ I have noticed recently my very short-term memory is awful. I have to constantly be writing down any thought that pops into my head, otherwise I’ll undoubtedly forget it within seconds.
▪ If you don’t drive at least 70mph westbound on Hwy 5 in the mornings, you’ll get blown off the road by everyone. 55 is the speed limit, but it must not be remotely enforced.
▪ I was awarded the company season tickets to next Friday’s game vs. the Braves. Lauren and I will be sitting in the 7th row behind the Twins’ dugout, presumably with Lauren’s parents, who were promised Mother’s and Father’s Day tickets from Lauren!
▪ I have found myself doing the “What Would Laura Ingalls Do” question a few times this week. A pregnant Facebook friend complained about a long doctor visit and wondered if it was really necessary. I couldn’t help but say that Laura Ingalls probably never sat in Doc Baker’s office for three hours waiting for blood tests with Rose Wilder in the womb, and they all turned out just fine (until dying years later, of course).
▪ I left Lauren a voice mail at work with me singing “Is She Really Going Out With Him” by Joe Jackson.
▪ Tomorrow I will be DJing my 41st wedding dance. It surprises me that it has only been 41, but I’ve kept track of them all.
▪ Only 20 more days before we leave for Lauren’s friend’s wedding in Niagara Falls, Ontario! Has anyone ever experienced any problems with taking a rental car from the US to Canada?