I think it’s high time I get more acquainted with these new faces in the Twins locker room.

1. Top left – Orlando Hudson – They had him mic’d the other day on MLB Network’s 30 Teams in 30 Days special and he sounds pretty hilarious. I am excited for a season of O-Hud chatter.

2. Top center – Jacque Jones – Welcome back old pal!  Jones left the Twins after the ’05 season and his career went straight downhill.  Now it’s back to Minnesota, the only place that would give him a second chance.

3. Top right – Mike Maroth – Maroth hasn’t pitched in the majors in years. He’s best remembered for being the first pitcher in decades to lose 20 games in a season with the ’03 Tigers.

4. Middle left – Jim Thome – The Twins finally pick up the veteran slugger/future Hall-of-Famer… probably a few years too late. Thome single-handedly has beaten the Twins dozens of times over the years, and now he’s finally on our side.

5. Middle center – Ron Gardenhire – No, he’s not a new face, but he’s obviously packed on at least 20 pounds since last season.  I needed to get acquainted with his new look.

6. Middle right – Clay Condrey – The forgotten addition this offseason, longtime Phillies reliever Condrey looks like he’s pissed and out for vengeance against his new American League foes.

7. Bottom left – J.J. Hardy – The Brewers used to love him, then he had one miserable season and they shipped him on the first bus out of town, straight up for Carlos Gomez. Looks like it could be a steal for the Twins.

8. Bottom center – Jon Rauch – Not a completely new face as he finished out last year with the team, but Rauch is still semi-new to the team and could become the new closer with Nathan injured.

9. Bottom right – Carl Pavano – Another not-so-newbie, but Pavano went from World Series hero with the Marlins to the most hated man in New York to a serviceable innings-eater for the Indians and Twins in ’09.  He’s slated to pitch the first Target Field game.