Oscars Tonight
Tonight is the Academy Awards, or “Jason’s Super Bowl” as it is best known around these parts.  Ever since 2005, I’ve watched the Oscars with Jason and he takes the event very seriously.  He always sees every movie up for everything and has a very good idea of who/what deserves to win.

In 2005, when we were still at DSU, Jason and I went over to Feeney’s apartment to watch the Oscars, which I believe involved a bottle of brandy and shots for incorrect predictions. In 2008, the cops were called to our Eden Prairie apartment when a flying potted plant went sailing over the balcony, nearly hitting a man walking his dog, when an upset winner was announced.

I now attempt to try to see the nominees for Best Picture before the Oscars so I can at least try to hold my own against Jason, but this year they went and doubled the number of nominees from five to ten. As of 10:00am Sunday, I’ve seen six of the ten, with a possibility of seeing one more before the awards.

Here’s how I would rank the six Best Picture nominees that I’ve seen so far.

1. Inglourious Basterds
2. Avatar
3. Up in the Air
4. District 9
5. Up
6. The Hurt Locker

And I haven’t yet seen An Education, Precious, The Blind Side, or A Serious Man, though there’s still time to watch the last one this afternoon.

All six of those movies above were very good, and I would be perfectly fine if any of them won Best Picture, but I think Basterds was far and away the most entertaining.  It sounds like a lot of people think The Hurt Locker will win, but for me that movie was nothing special.  I thought Jeremy Runner was great in the lead role, but aside from the tense bomb scenes, didn’t think it was that amazing.

Last night Lauren and I went to 3D Avatar at the swanky new West End Theater in St. Louis Park, where you get to pick your own seats when you buy your tickets. If we had been in the VIP area we could have ordered liquor and had it brought to our seats, but we were just in a normal theater. It was the first movie either of us had seen in 3D and I was very impressed, though Lauren complained that it really hurt her eyes. Surprisingly, I really liked the movie and found myself on the edge of my seat, while Lauren left largely unimpressed, saying that she wasn’t crazy about fantasy movies to begin with and thought they really crammed the message of living in harmony with nature down your throat.

Update, 12:58pm: Just watched A Serious Man and found it very entertaining. Not sure that I would put it any higher than fourth on that list, and doubt it has any real shot at winning Best Picture, but nice to have the local Coen brothers movie nominated.

My Visit to Target Field
Yesterday afternoon I took the 2.5-mile walk down to Target Field (5 mile round trip, obviously), which took only about 40 minutes walking at a brisk pace. For one thing it was a super nice day out for March 6 with temps in the 40s and sunshine, but I also wanted to get a look at the field before it opens. As you can see, it is basically ready for the season.  Can’t wait!

Baseball mural
A large baseball mural on the stadium wall.
Target Field
Target Field as it stands March 6, 2010.
Hrbek's Bar and Grill
Hrbek's Bar and Grill at Target Field
Giant fiberglass Twins glove you can sit in.
Giant fiberglass Twins glove you can sit in.
Target Field main entrance
Target Field main entrance.

First exhibition game is April 2 vs the Cardinals… hope the weather is as good then as it was yesterday.