The Voice-Over Endeavor

I keep getting myself involved in more and more stuff.  Tomorrow, I am going to a voice-over acting class/audition at MCTC.  Along with my Flash class, I signed up for this voice acting class, thinking perhaps it was my calling.

I did, as you well know, serve as an on-air radio personality on KOKK/KZKK radio in Huron in high school, and briefly KJAM radio in Madison in college.  I also had a brief stint as a guest commentator on KWAT as a basketball color man.  Brandon, Guy, and I had our Stretch & Shades Show in high school during the girls’ basketball games.  I announced the starting lineups for many high school sports, and even served as emcee of a fashion show.  I released a number of self-recorded songs in college based on friends from the dorms.  My voice was once heard on a TNN commercial during the closing credits of The Wonder Years. Even here at work, they used my voice on the auto-response line for Tech Support, and I did the voice-over work for our two product demo videos in 2006 and 2007.  I was a renowned microphone artist, if you will, at the Valleyfair games that required microphones.  I’ve never been shy at karaoke and all the theatrical productions I’ve been a part of.  I offered my services to read the Easter Sunday bible verses.  I DJ’d 25 wedding dances last year and plan on doing more this year.  And yes, I even auditioned for the Twins’ vacant PA announcer job after Bob Casey’s death.

Sorry that was so long-winded, but different things just kept coming to mind.  I figured that was enough amateur voice-over work to suggest that perhaps I missed my calling.  So, tomorrow, I will go to class from 10-1 where my voice will be recorded and analyzed by professionals to determine if I do indeed have a future in the biz.  Not that I intend to quit my current job, but if a part-time gig were to come up, I wouldn’t turn it down.

I do not intend to speak in my normal talking voice, but rather a deeper tone with attention to enunciation and clarity.


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